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ISO-9001 2000 Quality Certification
Certified supplier of Tai Power Co. in TW

Due to Taiwan is moving from agricultural to industrial society and the demand for the infrastructure such as electricity system is significant, our company establishes in October, 1973 and starts to do the R&D and manufacturing of distribution transformer for electricity system.

Until now our company has been insisting on the following management philosophy:

1, satisfy customers' need as far as possible

2, lowest inventories

3, most effective productivity

4, lowest cost

The environment is changing rapidly and companies around world are facing competition from different countries.

The follow are our solutions that our company responds:

•  constant improvement of product quality

•  continuous education for employees

•  introducing the latest equipment

• layout effective production line

•  implement ISO quality system

•  motivation

•  innovation

Maxwell Electric has the mission of providing customer with good quality product and service.


We are professional manufacturer of transformer and wound core for transformer manufacturing in Taiwan. In the meantime, we are the sole agent for U.S. AK steel company for their oriented core material.
Product contains transformer wound core, distribution transformer, power transformer, ARC-furnace transformer, silicon-rectifier transformer, instrument transformer, testing transformer, pole-mounting transformer, pad-mounted transformer, submersible transformer amorphous distribution transformer, coast resin transformer, dry-type transformer, substation equipment, series reactor, starting ausiliary transformer and neutral-grouding resistor. If you have any inquiries of our products, please feel free to contact with us.



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